Frequently Asked Questions

Infiny Press – Slow Juicer

What do I do if the appliance does not turn on?

  • Make sure that all parts are correctly assembled
  • Make sure that the appliance is properly plugged in to an electrical outlet
  • Check that the feed tube is correctly locked in position

The appliance has stopped suddenly, and the red light is flashing

  • Press the Start/Stop button to switch off the appliance
  • Start the appliance again. If the safety mechanism shuts the appliance off again, take it apart, clean out the components, and turn it on again
  • Ensure that the stem is not blocked

The appliance has shut off, and the white light is flashing

  • This is a safety mechanism. We recommend that you let the appliance cool down for a few minutes. You can then clean the unit, and restart it by pressing the Start/Stop button

There is poor juice extraction

  • Clean the appliance – wash, rinse out, and dry the feed tube, pressing stem, filter, residue strap, bowl, jugs, and the spout
  • Ensure that the residue strap is correctly positioned on the filter